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About BiologicPatentWatch

BiologicPatentWatch provides comprehensive details on FDA approved biologic drugs, developers and patents.
The integrated databases allow both freeform searching and dynamic browsing, making it easy to find information on drug patents both in the US and internationally, Orphan Drug status, trends in patent expirations, and more.

Revisions and Annual Editions

BiologicPatentWatch incorporates many data sources. Each is updated as frequently as possible, providing you with fresh information.

The core data are updated weekly, using feeds directly from the FDA and USPTO. Clinical trial and international patent information are updated daily.

Annual editions — available in the Premium and Ultimate plans — provide historic archives of the state of drug patent expirations in each recorded year.

Database Coverage

BiologicPatentWatch contains information on the following therapeutic biological products:

  • monoclonal antibodies
  • cytokines, growth factors, enzymes, immunomodulators; and thrombolytics
  • proteins intended for therapeutic use that are extracted from animals or microorganisms, including recombinant versions of these products (except clotting factors)
  • other non-vaccine therapeutic immunotherapies
Patent information are collected from public sources, so users are advised to take appropriate measures to ensure the completeness of freedom-to-operate searches.

For coverage of small molecule drugs, see

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